woodland learning

Rock and River's Woodland Learning sessions take place on our site at Cliff's Farm. There are numerous activities for your group to experience and they are ideally suited to children aged 5-11 years. Each session is specifically designed to stimulate the imagination and increase awareness of the natural environment, whilst maintaining an element of fun. We work closely with you to ensure your Woodland Learning session meets all your requirements. The activities are run in a safe, secure woodland area and enable the children to have a direct outdoor learning experience. A Woodland Learning session at Rock and River will inspire creativity and deepen and enrich learning. They are a great way to encourage resourcefulness, promote self confidence and improve teamwork and communication.

There are numerous options available to you. Choose from either a Full or Half Woodland Learning Day or alternatively include a Woodland Learning session as part of an Outdoor Activity Day.

Full Day Courses run from 10:00am til 3:00pm with a one hour lunch break.

Half Day Courses run from either 10:00am til 12:00pm or 1:00pm til 3:00pm.

"My pupils quickly became engrossed in self motivated activities, working together and sharing new ideas"
Janet Lomax-Baker (Teacher - Croft House School)


  • Encourages resourcefulness, confidence and team work
  • Inspiring ideas to take back to school
  • A safe, secure woodland area for the children to use
  • Courses individually planned to support the school curriculum
  • Active outdoor learning for pupils aged 5-11 years
  • Encourages creativity and imaginative use of natural resources
  • Increases awareness of the natural environment
  • Fun!!!
  • Stimulates curiosity and imagination
  • Deepens and enriches learning

Available Courses

  • shelter building

    Den building is a key part of woodland learning. The willow plantation at Cliffs Farm is ideal for building small shelters or dens which the children can use for all kinds of role play. There are enough spaces within the area for all the children to be part of a woodland village and create their own imaginary place.


    The woodland is home to all kinds of wildlife that the children can discover and observe. There are many different investigations that children can take part in. Activities range from simple observation with hand lenses and collecting tubs to the creation of habitat piles and ‘minibeast hotels’. Children learn about different adaptations, food chains and life cycles. The creatures that live in the log pile and the branches of trees can be surveyed and compared. Observations of the movement and interaction of creatures can be recorded and the discoveries can be researched further in follow up activities at school.

Woodland Learning

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