Winter Residential Visits

Campfire, Orienteering and Den building

Specially designed for Key Stage 1 & 2


Autumn and winter can be a unique and magical time to plan a residential visit for your pupils - especially when it's harder to find things for children to do outside. We have a range of educational activities specially designed for the colder months, and you can choose from some really cost effective packages.

•  Cost effective packages - 2 day trip from £50 per pupil (all inclusive, inc VAT)
•  Choose from an exciting range of educational or more adventurous activities
•  Specially designed to help teachers meet curriculum targets
•  24 hr onsite warden. Attractive and safe countryside setting.
•  Full and half day visits also available.
•  Minibus service and free local pickup

Set in fantastic countryside, Rock and River is the ideal place for your class to relax and call home for one night to a week (we've got space for over 35). The accommodation will be just for you, so you don't have to worry about mixing with other groups.

Each educational activity has been developed to help teachers meet Key Stage 1&2 targets and there is plenty of opportunity to cross reference to other parts of the curriculum (such as a unique take on alternative energy with a visit to our wind turbines). Our instructors will lead the way so teachers can focus on joining in the fun! They know just what's needed to educate and inspire young people and how to make sure their experience stays with them.

Rock and River is certified by the council for 'Learning Outside the Classroom' (LOTC) and the 'Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority' (AALA), these are benchmarks for high educational standards and for  safe and responsible outdoor activities.




Autumn / Winter programmes are flexible to your needs, but normally include a mix of indoor and outdoor activities:

Den building - classroom based introduction to the different types of den and how to work together to build them safely. Each group is given a kit to help them construct the best den.

Woodland learning - including mini-beast hunting and identification, learning about habitats, adaptation and diversity.

Outdoor and indoor problem solving -  Spider's web, cross the fence, defuse the bomb to name a few. Pick from a range of problem solving and team building tasks to suit your class, or groups can be pitched against each other to solve the problems in the fastest time.

Orienteering - beginning with a lesson in map reading and basic navigation skills - followed by our orienteering course.

Wind turbine visit - an alternative take on sustainable energy - take a fact finding turn up the turbine trail and stand underneath a wind turbine (can also include classroom based lesson)

Build a campfire - lighting a fire and toasting marshmallows in a safe and sheltered woodland learning zone

Torch-lit night walk - exciting walk through woods and surrounding countryside - listen out for Barn & Tawny owls (and bats in warmer months)

Indoor climbing - fully safety matted climbing / bouldering venue. A great starting point for young climbers (we also have an outdoor climbing tower for the more adventurous)

Archery - several sheltered ranges including a small 10m range for primary aged children.

High ropes - 7 exciting challenges to take them out of their comfort zone. All ages and abilities.

Bike track - small 'pump' track ideal for children. A fun session designed to improve skill base and confidence. Balance bikes also available.

Canadian canoeing, (excluding during Winter) - On our purpose-built lake designed for many safe water activities.


If you would like more information about our activities, call us on
01704 822644