Dylan's Diary - 27th July 2010

Howday hound lovers!

Been a bit busy as usual since last Friday - I tell you there's just no rest for the hairy, four-legged variety around here!

Last Friday we had Central Training in for some Outdoor Activities for their staff do'. They all were quite adept at belaying and I'm sure my barking helped their colleagues build their crate towers faster! They were particularly good at Jacob's Ladder I noticed. They partook in some inititatives - I can never quite get my head around them to be honest.

Nature-Deficit Disorder - Are today's children disconnected from nature?

Do you remember a time when being outdoors was the most exciting place to be? Climbing trees, building dens, exploring the woods, playing with sticks, playing in the mud....Today's children spend increasingly more time 'plugged' into their games consoles or in front of the television and less time outdoors enjoying the natural environment. This comes at a huge cost! Nature-deficit disorder is a phrase coined by American writer and chairman of the Children & Nature Network, Richard Louv, that describes the human costs of alienation from nature, including: diminished use of the senses, attention difficulties, and higher rates of physical and emotional illnesses.

Dylan's Diary - Tuesday 6th April 2010

Happy Easter Dog Lovers.... Dylan the black, white and brown fluff meister here, just chillin after a hectic week. All is good in hound land.... just one thing bothering me, where's the sun gone !!!! A dog needs at least 4 sun soaking naps in any given day, I'll have to resort to the office heater. Thing is, the office heater is ok but the level of conversation in that place is somewhat below me, I occassionally have to wag my tail or raise an eyebrow just to keep the staff amused !!!

Support for Outdoor Education

We have always extolled the virtues of outdoor pursuits to stimulate, motivate and educate. The benefits of outdoor education are many and we believe that every young person should have the opportunity to experience outdoor activities as they progress through life.