Get Set Go Free!

Nestle's Get Set Go Free Promotion is now up and running. What is it all about I hear you say? Well, Rock and River have joined this scheme to give people the opportunity to come and have a go at some adventurous outdoor activities and to reach out to a wider audience helping to make people become more aware of what Rock and River are all about and what we do.

So how does it work? 

We have agreed with Nestle to run 3 activities - Climbing Tower, Canoeing and Orienteering. (For safety reasons Orienteering requires a minimum group booking of three people.) Please ask our staff about other activities you may be able to do. Each activity will run for approximately one hour.
Firstly you need to give us a call to check we have availabilty and tell us which activities you are interested in. Now you need to collect the points that are on all Nestle cereal packets and chocolate bars. See below for the points you will need:

Orienteering -      5 Points needed
Climbing Tower - 75 Points needed
Canoeing -          75 Points needed
Adventure Day Out - 90 Points needed - We will run 3 hours of activities for your Adventure Day Out. 

We will then book you in for your activities.

Next you will need to register yourselves on the Get Set Go Free website.

Enter the codes found inside packets into your on-line account to start banking activity points.

You must download and print off your activity voucher and attach your wrappers/packages points to the voucher and bring it with you. (It is really important you bring the voucher with the correct points attached, we may not be able to run the activities without it.)

That's it all done - you are ready to come and enjoy some adventurous outdoor activities with us at Rock and River - we look forward to seeing you!

Important: Please note there are equipment hire costs associated with the promotion, please enquire when booking.