Dylan's summer holidays


How are you all? I have been really busy and emotional so I decided to build a nest. I’ve had to say goodbye to the School Holiday Club and welcome new Crag Rats members while meeting new groups and attending birthday parties. It’s a nonstop here!


Today I will finally explain everything about my summer holidays. I went to Hay-on-Wye, famous for its book shops. Inspired by the place, I got to live my very own adventure as a sailor. I ended up being the captain, as my paws aren’t long enough to row; which gave me plenty of time to lie down and enjoy the wonderful sunny weather.

We rented the canoe from @wantocanoe. They were wonderful with me; none of the ‘No dogs allowed’ nonsense. Thank you very much guys!



Well, you now know everything about my Summer Holidays. I would love to know more about yours! Please do so by FB or Twitter. My blog is a bit old and doesn’t allow comments; it’s so annoying, I love hearing from you all.

Have a great day and I’ll write again soon!