Dylan's Diary - Wednesday 17th March 2010

Woke up this morning and went to see Steve the chef who gave me a sausage. No doubt he thought I ate it !! but he's wrong, I buried it for later. Sun was out in the morning so I took some time out and lay in the middle of the car park.... thought about moving a few times but the sun was out.. so I didn't. 

Some instructors arrived so I went to check they had set up the outdoor climbing tower and the high ropes safely... which they had !! Crosby training arrived so I lay on my back and took a few belly rubs, after a while they stopped and had to listen to a safety talk. Went on session to watch the archery, which was nice cos I lay in the sun and got some more belly rubs.

In the afternoon it was raft building !!!! oh yeah.... put my paw in the water.... wow it's still cold from winter !!!! Some rafters fell in and apparently couldn't speak for several minutes !!!
Went to see Steve the chef who gave me a roast chicken and a rump steak... then I woke up in the sun. Went to see the some new born lambs, only one day old, very cute but their mum told me to get lost !!! so I did. Busy tomorrow so must go.