Dylan's Diary - Tuesday 6th April 2010

Happy Easter Dog Lovers.... Dylan the black, white and brown fluff meister here, just chillin after a hectic week. All is good in hound land.... just one thing bothering me, where's the sun gone !!!! A dog needs at least 4 sun soaking naps in any given day, I'll have to resort to the office heater. Thing is, the office heater is ok but the level of conversation in that place is somewhat below me, I occassionally have to wag my tail or raise an eyebrow just to keep the staff amused !!!

The holiday scheme is well under way as more and more parents take advantage of our drop off scheme, the kids are always glad to see me and my lazy roll with wagging tail always gets a stroke. Who else has been in this week... Air cadets, Hope High School, Crosby Training and Sefton Youth have all had activity days, one of the staff has been visiting Hopwood Hall College in Rochdale delivering Navigation (Incidently, I don't need maps and compasses I use my dog sense), Mosaic Community Care are in for the next two weeks and the Dumbell's have had a birthday party.

Unfortunately, I missed the birthday party because I went to Llangollen for the weekend to do some white water kayaking... great fun but the river was freezing !!!

Got to go... I can hear the zip line !!!