Dylan's Diary - Tuesday 16th March 2010

What an amazing few days I've had!

Yesterday was spent waiting eagerly for the staff of Nando's to arrive. They had booked in for one of our infamous Team Initiative Challenges. They made quite a fuss of me - well, I am quite a charmer!

They got themselves into their groups and set about their day with lots of smiles. I went orienteering with a few of them. (I know where all the answers are located, but John has told me never to tell anyone!)

I then got stuck into some High Ropes. I'm not allowed to go on them myself, but I have lots of fun down on the ground doing my sheepdog thing pretending I'm rounding them all up! After that, Nando's had finished their initiatives and the scores were totted up. Each team then had to 'buy' raft building kit, build a raft and race it across the lake. My sheepdog genes kicked in again and I was off - speeding around the lake! I did about 8 laps, almost a personal record - my Christmas bulge has now just about disappeared!

Today we had Hugh Baird College in - they were busy in the Indoor Climbing Room. I sat and watched from the door as I always do - it was a welcome rest after my busy day yesterday!