Dylan's Diary - Thursday 28th October 2010

Hi my favourite hound lovers! I hope you're all well and enjoying the onset of the cold autumn weather!

Well, who has been at Rock and River in beautiful Lancashire recently enjoying all the fabulous outdoor activities? I'll tell you.

Hugh Baird have been in last week covering their NCFE units in adventurous activities. Amersham and Wycombe College have been in doing a BTEC unit covering land-based outdoor and adventurous activities. They have been off-site during their time here doing lots of climbing and some orienteering too, I'm not allowed off-site during the week, generally speaking, which is a shame, but hey you win some and you lose some.

There was a private group in doing one of my personal favourites - raft building. I have to say/woof that I absolutely love it - I get so much exercise running around our lake whilst they invariably tip off their rafts into the water! That's not a problem though as they all wear buoyancy aids and our instructors are always to hand to get them back onto their rafts. Another private group has been in doing some archery and rifle shooting - I reckon I'd be brilliant at archery, probably the best, but it wouldn't really be fair to show up the clients like that!

There has been Bolingbroke Academy in doing some team building by tackling our famous team initiative challenge, including lots of high ropes too.

On Monday this week we had some youths in from the local area and they told us they had a fab time. They did lots of adventurous activities like the vines, kayaking, climbing tower and leap of faith. I simply cannot help but bark my little hairy head off when the clients leap off the massive high pole to hit the orange ball - it just send me nuts, I'm not sure why, but there you go. 

This week has been half term and we have also been running the school holiday activity scheme as we always do in the hols. The kids have loved it as usual, and I reckon I have lost a few pounds from my winter belly with all the extra dashing around I've been doing. They have been doing lots of outdoor activities. They have had a go on our indoor climbing wall, balance beam on the high ropes course and crate stack too. Anyhow dog-adorers it's about time I rested my big paws, all this typing is not so good for my nails so I'm off to sniff at something or other of interest outside - until next time.......