Dylan's Diary - Monday 22nd March 2010

Tired today... busy weekend, lots and lots of children to play with and a few mum's and dad's. An A-level climbing group stayed in the bunkhouse on Friday and a youth group stayed on Saturday, all nice groups so I played pool and table tennis with them in the evening. Lets not forget about the Crag Rats Kids Climbing Club on Friday evening, I helped Jacquie and Alex keep control of the feisty rats and I think Jacquie has a soft spot for me !!!!!!

Lots of kayak courses this weekend therefore lots of wet kids and a good opportunity for me to run around the lake and round a few stray boaters up. Jumped in and did a good impression of a seal... no one really appreciated it though so I headed for the balance beam and jumped around a little to give encouragement. After that I lay on my back in the indoor climbing room and the group couldn't resist tickling my belly. A BTEC group in all week so must go !!!

PS. Really looking forward to next week because it's the school holidays and that means the School Holiday Scheme starts !!!