Dylan's Diary - Monday 17th January 2011

Hey you guys!

Happy New Year from me Dylan, the adorable sheepdog from Rock & River - well not just Rock & River, I'm adorable wherever I am!

Well, what have we been up to this last week - I'll tell you.

Before that though, I just want to say welcome back to my mum and dad who went to sunny Spain for the winter. I hear they had amazing weather - I'd like to say that I'm not bothered cos I had wonderful weather staying here in lovely Lancashire - but I'd be lying! Having said that, it is now starting to warm up a bit, it was 8 degrees the other day - positively sweltering, well, for me anyway!

I wasn't at the centre last week, but I know that we had Hugh Baird's Public Services students in doing some outdoor activities for their BTEC qualifications. They have been doing lots of climbing and orienteering.  They also had a lot of fun, it's not all work you know! They got to grips with the High Ropes course having a go at the Balance Beam and Leap Of Faith. They also tried to find out who had the steadiest hand at Archery - I'm sure they may have been quite good at it, but everyone knows I'm the Archery Master!

Archbishop Beck Sports College were in this week too, they had a great time doing the Leap of Faith, Crate Stack and some Raft building.

Well, until next time - it won't be long, time flies you know - even if it is always now! (Work that one out!)

Lots of wet kisses and dog paws

Dylan x