Dylan's Diary - Monday 11th July 2011

Well, what another great week here at Cliff's Farm Activity Centre!

I'm pretty tired, even if I do say so myself. Mustn't grumble though cos all of these lovely groups coming here doing all of these adventurous activities certainly helps to keep me fit!

Who was with us last week I hear you ask? Well, we had St Edmund Arrowsmith High School again this year and they had a great time on the Climbing Tower, Balance Beam and Leap of Faith - they have a better head for heights than me that's for sure. They did some tricky initiative exercises too and made some great rafts for the Raft Building finale. 

4th Ormkirk Guides also did some raft building on the lake in the evening - they made some awesome rafts too!

Edge Hill University came again and there were loads of them! Between them all they pretty much had a go at everything including, Kayaking, Riverline, Rifles, Leap of Faith and Open Canoes.

St Hilda's came to us for their GCSE Climbing and they all did very well by all accounts.

Range High School were in too making some nifty moves on our Indoor Climbing Wall. They had a pretty good aim when it came to Archery too.

We also had the pleasure of working with pupils from St. Patrick's Primary School and the students from Tower College. They all did lots of exciting, adventurous, outdoor activities including Sit On Kayaks, Open Canoes and Kayaking.

I love it when we are so busy like this, there's almost too much for me to enjoy. I made numerous laps of the lake whilst the groups were on the water - got to stay trim you know! Until next time dog-lovers I bid you farewell and much love from me Dylan the adorable, if not slightly biased Dog!