Dylan's Diary- Friday 26th March 2010

Hi Dog Lovers

Dylan dog here, the faithful kayaking and climbing hound... got lots to tell you !!!

What a busy week, we have had Hugh Baird Public Services in all week participating in a BTEC course, Crosby Training participating in an activity day, Lever Park School, St Mary's Catholic College did a Team Initiative Challenge not to mention some of our other staff have been running an A-Level Climbing Course in the Peak District and a Navigation course for Hopwood Hall College. I've had so many people to greet in the car park my belly fur is worn out !!

Weather's been a bit on and off but that doesn't bother me with my 'colly coat', covered in mud mind but nothing a quick swim won't sort. Got Crag Rats tonight and Sarah has promised me a dog treat.

Must go.............. see ya soon !!!