Dylan's Diary - 28th May 2010

Hello outdoor lovers! Dylan's back. I've been so busy again running around helping with all the different groups coming in that my paws have only just recovered enough to write this blog!

Let me give you the low down on what's been happening lately. We've been really busy so you may want to get comfortable as I've lots to tell you all! The week before last we had B6 College in, who came up all the way from London for the whole week on a residential and stayed in our bunkhouse. They went out and did a lot of hillwalking, but I didn't go with them as they had lots of assignments to do, and I think I may have distracted them with wanting to have my belly rubbed as much as I possibly can at any given moment! They all enjoyed some rifle shooting and archery sessions on the Friday though before they left.

On Tuesday we had the TABS team in and they all had a great time on our climbing tower. I'm not so sure I'd make it right the way to the top - it seems an awful long way! I did my sheepdog bit when they all did the leap of faith, which is part of our awesome high ropes course - I love waiting til they jump off the top and I don't know why, but I just have to bark and spin round and round in circles at the bottom - much to the amusement of everyone watching. Then they did some kayaking - again my sheepdog genes were strong and I raced around the lake edge one way and then the other. I think I'm somehow trying to round them up in some strange way, it's all a bit confusing for me but I love all the exercise it gives me! 

Wednesday we had St Richard's Primary in and they did the climbing tower, archerykayaking, raft building and some orienteering - again nobody bothered asking me where the answers are located, I could have told em if they'd asked. That evening 19th Fairfield Cubs came in for some archery and rifle shooting - I tend to stay away from the shooting activities as I'm not allowed to go and retrieve the arrows from the targets - never mind eh.

Thursday saw St Columba's School getting stuck into some open canoes, raft building and orienteering. They also did some climbing in our indoor climbing room. I love chillin out in there on the nice thick comfy crash mats watching them all scale the walls! Thornton Primary School came in on Thursday too and were on the water - again I tired myself out racing around the lake all session. They also were very brave and did some abseiling on our climbing tower. Waterloo Lodge were on the lake too on Thursday doing their BCU Paddlepower awards in kayaking. They got a certificate and everything!

Finally Parbold Cubs came in on Saturday night and they camped in one of our fields. I've had so much fun these last few weeks and I'm utterly exhausted. Will keep you updated soon and tell you all about the amazing groups that have visited us over the last few days. Bye for now from your loveable sheepdog friend!