Dylan's Diary - 27th July 2010

Howday hound lovers!

Been a bit busy as usual since last Friday - I tell you there's just no rest for the hairy, four-legged variety around here!

Last Friday we had Central Training in for some Outdoor Activities for their staff do'. They all were quite adept at belaying and I'm sure my barking helped their colleagues build their crate towers faster! They were particularly good at Jacob's Ladder I noticed. They partook in some inititatives - I can never quite get my head around them to be honest.

Saturday was busy with an Outdoor Activity Day for the young people of West Lancashire. How good is it to be able to come to an Outdoor Activity Centre for 3hrs of fun for just £5! They went on our Climbing Tower, Leap of Faith and Balance Beam (sheep dog insticts were rife at this point - it's like I know I have to do something but I'm not sure exactly what, so I just bark loads!)

Mum's friend Becks Holman had her Hen Do with us on Saturday too and I was very vocal when they went on the Zip Line!

Yesterday was really busy with lots of groups in: 2nd Cleveleys Scout Group, Crosby Training and Hillside High School to name a few. I was outside with them for most of the day whilst they did some Balance Beam, Archery and Raft Building - I got to do a few laps of the lake whilst they apddled around - important to keep up my fitness (it allows me to get a bit fatter in the winter months!) Finally I got to chill out in the doorway of the Indoor Climbing Room whilst the scouts did some bouldering - bliss!