Dylan's Diary - 23rd April 2010

Hi hound-lovers!!

Your faithful 'man's best friend' here. Sorry it's been a while, I've been up to my paws in it recently.

Where do I start? Well, I have been helping out with the UKCC Level 1 Coach Assessments this week which has been great. In English this means that some of our instructors have been on the lake Kayaking and Canoeing in order to further their qualifications. We all had a barbecue last night and I was lucky enough to sample a few burgers! Only the ones that fell through the barbecue grill onto the coals mind you, but they tasted awesome none the less! Must remember to remind Steve the chef to wipe the ash off them next time!

I have also been extremely busy with Cheadle and Marple 6th Form College and Nando's Bar staff who booked in this week to try the Team Initiative Challenge. I have to say they all did rather well. Of course, I know the best techniques and methods for completing all of the challenges but 'mum's the word'!! Nando's said they would give me some free meal tickets, cos they're nice like that, so I will have to call in for a feed really soon!

We had Joint Learning, from Southport in this week on a residential and I really loved playing pool and table tennis with them all in the evening!

I have also been helping out with the High Ropes Rescue Training that has been going on this week. I am now uber-confident I could rescue anyone on the High Ropes Course - not that it's needed very often at all.

Finally hound-lovers I have to tell you that my climbing technique is coming on in leaps and bounds as I have been to Brownstones this week in the evenings doing a bit of bouldering with two of our instructors Danny and Alex. Must be down to all the practice I get in our Indoor Climbing Room. I was showing them both how to 'smear' effectively - I must say I'm pretty good at it myself, but I do have a bit of an advantage I suppose with having four-wheel drive!! Until the next time dog-lovers - Adois!!