Dylan's summer holidays


How are you all? I have been really busy and emotional so I decided to build a nest. I’ve had to say goodbye to the School Holiday Club and welcome new Crag Rats members while meeting new groups and attending birthday parties. It’s a nonstop here!


Dylan's Diary - Monday 11th July 2011

Well, what another great week here at Cliff's Farm Activity Centre!

I'm pretty tired, even if I do say so myself. Mustn't grumble though cos all of these lovely groups coming here doing all of these adventurous activities certainly helps to keep me fit!

Dylan's Diary - Wednesday 6th July 2011

Hello there, it's me Dylan the Dog again. I just wanted to give you all a canine update on just some of the lovely groups we had at the centre last week. As I said these are just some of the groups, we are now so busy in the middle of our season that I'm sorry if I don't mention everyone who came!

We had some great primary schools doing activities with us like, Lathom Park Primary who did a real mix of activities including Climbing Tower and Archery. And, not only did they build rafts here, they also built dens as part of our Woodland Learning sessions.

Crawford Village Primary had a great time here too. They also tackled the Climbing Tower and Archery. They also did some Kayaking and Orienteering as well as some of the High Ropes like Leap of Faith and the Vines.

St Georges Primary also booked in with us last week and did lots of the above as well as some Open Canoes!

Dylan's Diary - 27th July 2010

Howday hound lovers!

Been a bit busy as usual since last Friday - I tell you there's just no rest for the hairy, four-legged variety around here!

Last Friday we had Central Training in for some Outdoor Activities for their staff do'. They all were quite adept at belaying and I'm sure my barking helped their colleagues build their crate towers faster! They were particularly good at Jacob's Ladder I noticed. They partook in some inititatives - I can never quite get my head around them to be honest.