High Ropes Adventure

High Ropes Challenge

Dare to try the Leap of Faith!


The ultimate high ropes course above the tree tops. Every challenge is unique, from The Vines' (a tight rope crossing at 40 feet), to the truly formidable - Leap of Faith'.

Some elements are designed for groups - so you need to work together to get through.  Others are an individual test of courage.

We adopt a ‘challenge by choice’ approach which means you choose exactly how much you want to try.

Stepping outside your comfort zone can be daunting. However, there is much to learn in discovering how far you can push yourself. With our experienced and fully qualified instructors to guide you, your experience will be safe, exhilarating and truly rewarding.

Find out more about each challenge below:

Zip LineLeap of FaithBalance BeamAll AboardJacobs LadderCrate StackThe Vines

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